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Counting the Waves…is it
economically significant?
The ‘benefit’ of becoming a poet…
never ask, because it is out of a realisation
that finding another path also is equally non beneficial 
as long as I don’t find my self out and
don’t begin the change which changes the world.
Turn back and see, societal progress is often represented in 
inverse proportion to the manual work it does,
direct proportion to the luxuries it has
and some exponential way to its Carbon foot print
Alas! no mention of values and those not easily encashable knowledge
Right,  a poet wont offer the comfort of a luxury car in the first instance
Poetry can’t craft Workers who will be paid in millions
It is never intended to devise a formula to predict ups and downs in the sharemarket
Then… it can only tell that ‘In a world led by Market Economics,
The worth of every human being is decided based on his relative price’.

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