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21st May 2011 and 21st October 2011: self proclaimed “soothsayers” “predicted” that the World would end on the said dates. They arrived at this “conclusion” by conveniently interpreting Religious Texts and misrepresenting Science. Many in advanced Nations prepared for the doomsday.

Days passed by… nothing special happened and the world continued to be ‘alive’ for us. Fortunately our third world was not much aware of such a ‘great danger’ and those who were aware did not take it so seriously. Otherwise we would have ‘thwarted’ the danger by performing continuous prayers, thousands of rituals, fasting and sacrifices!

21st December 2012. Again ‘clairvoyance’ from various corners of the world about the end of Mayan Calendar and end of the World. A British girl committed suicide out of fear sparked by such stories.

It is very sad that some times ‘educated’ youngsters also tend to believe such fallacious gimmicks by interested parties acting as saviours of the world, for cheap popularity or …? Why don’t they try to learn the truth  from web site of Nasa or any similarly placed agency? Don’t the Governments and the Scientists’ community have the responsibility to effectively campaign against such nonsenses? 

Leave those charlatan soothsayers behind.. let us for sometimes submerge ourselves into an interesting thought,“what would I(you) do, if the World is really going to end in 24 hours from now, from now onwards…?”

If the World ends tomorrow…?

This thought can answer the fundamental question of “what does a sane, common man value the most (apart from own life)” .

During our school days, some 15 years back, when we used to ask our friends about this, most of us used to reply that “I’ll get married now itself” (though most of us were not knowing what all can be done after marriage!). 

For many years I could never think about any other possible answer for bachelor men and women. Of late, as the age progressed, a feeling that sex may not be the single desirable and possible action once everybody in this world is sure that all living creatures in this world are going to be wiped off in 24 hours, has been emerging.

Dying alone vs. dying together

There is no need to use the grey matter much to see the huge difference between a person dying ‘alone’ versus ‘dying together’ with all his fellow creatures in this world. In the first case he is leaving behind his family/ loved ones and all his paraphernalia here.. dying an unpleasant death, thinking about leaving his/ her spouse, thinking about children’s education, marriage, financial stability etc. But in the second case, everything is certain, no paraphernalia left and nobody either losses or gains out of somebody’s death. Death is painful in both the case, but in this second case it would be well accepted as there is no alternate option.

Behaviour which human beings may possibly exhibit

The underlying principle in this circumstance is that only “Love” would remain alive during the last few hours. Almost everybody would be lead by moral principles. The reasons could be many – religious belief, a call within to adhere to moral principles in the last few hours, inability to think anything else in such a crisis etc. Once the end of the world is certain there may not be any protest on the road and Law and Order problems as many of us may think. But it is sure that people from various social strata would be responding differently depending upon how the world would be ending. Let us try to predict how the following group of people would be responding to this contingency:


It depends. If the end is due to collision of some large planet/ comet/ something else, Space Scientists, Experts in the field of nuclear weapons etc. will be the most unfortunate guys, as till the last moment they will be working to deflect the path of the object which is going to collide with the earth. They, most probably, wont be able to spend their last moment with their loved ones. In a circumstance where the planet is going to be swallowed by a blackhole OR in a completely uncontrollable circumstance, they will be fortunate to spend their last moment with their families.

National Leaders:

They will try for a space journey and if possible, to stay in the International Space Station/ moon/ space itself, with their wives and children (in case they are their loved ones, otherwise, with the otherwise loved ones), and think of coming back after the collision/ end of the World, to become the Kings and Queens. As you know, this option is not available for leaders of all Nations and this option is workable only if this Earth alone is going to end. If the entire Solar System or at least our neighbouring planets is/are going to be wiped off… then be happy, there is no point in availing of this option.


Corporates run Nations and control political leaders, in this era. They also will try to reserve their seats for space journey. As the demand is heavy and supply is very very limited, many of the above two categories will kill each other to ensure their seats. They will spend anything, as once they are successful, the entire world would belong to them.

This is slightly contradicting with the moral principles stated in one of the paras above, right? That is because of the inherent nature of the Moral Principles itself- they are applicable only for the vast majority, who are neither at the top nor at the bottom.

Criminals/ beggars/ drug addicts/ jailbreakers

Girls be careful. There are all possiblities of house break only for the purpose of rape.This must be the group who may be skeptical about the Scientific explanation on the end of the World. And they could be less informed as well. A stand still world for a few hours would provide a lot of opportunities for this group..


All terrorists groups would have undemocratic fundamentals. Predicting their plans in this circumstance would be very difficult. Some groups, primarily those with political ideologies, may refrain from any sort of activities during this last 24 hours. But some others may find it as the last ‘opportunity’ to implement their ideologies.

All commoners:

They will spend those last 24 hours with their most loved ones. People from various corners of the world would travel to reach their loved ones during the initial few hours.. a lot of chaos.. Probably all airlines, railways and buses will offer free journeys. Everyone will try to reach their beloved ones in max 5 to 8 hours. Many of them will not be able to meet their loved ones. People in Defence Services and Police will be extra vigilant in the beginning.. after that, their heart beat also will increase… they also will slowly go home, to be with their family. But still some unfortunate Special Task Force guys may be there in the scene, to protect the heartbeats of the people for a few more hours.

Some progressive people may plan for their last family trip to their most loved location (for many, it is their home itself), though none of them will be able to even smile each other due to the moment-wise increasing stress level. Many will gather around with their family at places of worship, with prayers for divine intervention.

…and the last half an hour…, only heartbeats will talk… I plead to the terrorists not to disturb these heart beats, let these beats talk, cry, sing lullabies, pray, spread love, do whatever… and make the entire world united, at least for a moment through the universal language of heartbeat, for an ever sustaining universal principle of love and brotherhood.

.. and on the end of the world

….realise, this much only life means, but this much it really means, the Universal language of heartbeat.

Would like to know about your predictions in this regard. Do write in the Comment box. 

..and the world is under no threat in the near future. Keep yourself away from all soothsayers and superstitions. For those who still believe in the ‘end of the world rumours, my recommendation is this NASA link http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

….and the universal language of heartbeat, allow it to talk, cry, sing, pray, love, do whatever it wants… now also…, from now onwards….


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