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It is a cliché among the young professionals working in the Private Sector Companies to stereotype Public Sector as a symbol of lethargy, inefficiency and a white elephant in the economy (I truly have a bunch of such friends). As a person who is an HR Professional in a leading Public Sector Enterprise (PSE) (by choice), I wish to tell the next generation professionals not to brand any particular sector as bad to work with (not only Private vs. Public, but also IT vs. Manufacturing etc.). Those who know the historical perspective of the creation of PSEs and its significance in the economic stability and strategic requirements of any Nation, cannot brand PSEs as Trash. It would be quite unjust to act as if those who are employed in private sector are the god fathers of professionalism.
Employment in PSEs is considered to be attractive in the current business scenario as well. Competition and clear business orientation is bringing in a lot of changes in the day today working of leading PSEs. You will be wrong if you approach the employment in a (Leading) PSU in a ‘Two Punch, One Lunch’ attitude, in the current times. The targets (MoU Targets) entered into with the concerned Ministries on various aspects including HR practices, CSR, Sustainable Development etc., in addition to Sales & Profit, necessitate the best professional ways & means to be implemented in PSEs for their sustenance. The professional learnings from capital intensive technology used in most of the PSEs and broader responsibilities to be shouldered there, are unmatched. The Compensation structure (at least upto Middle Management cadre) is almost equal to or better than the private sector as well (in Indian context).
If I quote the words of my deeply loved and most respected boss & mentor Shri T Sudhakar Rao, Executive Director (HR), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, PSUs have a very important role beyond ensuring balanced development of the Nation and generating Employment (especially in areas, where otherwise it would not be easily possible); PSUs have to be model employers as well. The Products may require to be made available to the market, most of the time with marginal profits, some times without profit, considering the ‘externalities’ it can bring in the society. He does not ignore the aspect of profit & sustenance of the enterprise; but, emphasizes on a profit which is ethical, which also encompass the sustenance of people and planet as well.  
From my point of view, at the end of the day, or rather, ultimately, whom I work for and the significance of my work on people, matter to me the most.  
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