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Contingency plan is a part of (even) the best plan. Or in other words, a plan would not be good and complete if it does not provide room for contingency.


The Story

This story is about being completely unplanned… one of the unplanned journeys of me, performed a year back, but still the most thrilling.

The temple

Most of my short solitary journeys used to be unplanned. The journey which still gives me the biggest thrill is the one I had from Bangalore to Coorg.

The objective was just to visit the Golden Temple of Coorg.
Spoke with KSRTC on a Saturday, two years back; they said it would take around 8 hours to reach there from Bangalore.
Started around 8 pm. After crossing Mysore, I spoke with another passenger, who was the Owner of a jewellery shop at Kushal Nagar, near Madikeri, Coorg. He told me that I’ve to get off at Kushal Nager only and we are going to reach there by 2.30 – 3.00 am. This came as an unpleasant surprise¬† to me as I was expecting to reach there only by 5.00 -5.30 am.

Got off from the Bus with the Jeweler (I blindly trust some people; those who I feel are genuine).

He told me that I can find some Lodges there in the town…and he left.

2.30 am…I was the only human being in the street, where some yellow lights were struggling to sweep away the darkness.. totally unknown place…Went to 2 – 3 near by lodges… no one gave me room. I lied to some others that I’m from Airforce, here on a demi-official duty.. still nobody gave.

Back to the main road… This time, in addition to me, too may street dogs of the size of a buffalo (i felt at that time) barking like the roaring of a lion..
In search of another lodge… had a pleasant encounter with two persons in front of a tailoring shop. Using the limited Kannada vocabulary I know, told them that I’m searching for a lodging facility…The tailor’s friend who looked like a taxi driver asked me whether I’m a student (Airforce thing…!!!? no way). Replied ‘yes’. They understood that I’m a Malayali and spoke with me in my language. Told me that I can come back and sleep in the same Tailoring shop if no body gives me a room.. Thanked them and went to the main road…

Head lights of 3-4 cars crossed me; stopped a little ahead of me, in the junction. White Sumo Cars – like the ones used by villains in Telugu Movies. My blood pressure would have broken any mercury manometer, if measured at that time. However, I walked further…, crossed those Sumos… 1, 2, 3… nothing happened… realised that the world is not very bad.

Went into another Lodge. It had a lobby with a few sofas. A boy appeared. I repeated the Airforce story… No rooms sir, he replied. I told him I’m going to sit here in the lobby till morning. He agreed and decided to sleep. After around 10 minutes, his supervisor came there…again Airforce story… He said “pls come with me”.

I went. It was the Worker’s room. He gave me a long table on which some old beds were kept. All Workers lying on the floor. I slept on the table. Around 6’o clock he gave me a checked out room for freshening up. Gave him Rs. 100 and started to the Monastery. The thrill of the journey ended here.. the remaining are only normal experience.

The visit:Golden Temple Bylakkuppe:
The main gate
Welcome to Namdroling Monastry




The temple is approx. 3 Kms from Kushal Nagar bus stand (30 Rs. during 2009 by Auto rickshaw)

Brief History of the Temple:

The settlement at Bylakkuppe accommodates Tibetan refugees who came to India after 1959. Settlers are basically from the traditions of Gelukpa and Nyingma. Namdroling Monastry (Golden Temple) belongs to the Nyingmas.

Prayer wheels:

Prayer wheels
Prayer wheels

A monk with whom I interacted there told me that the prayer wheels consists of mantras. Turning the wheel activates the mantra and invokes kindness wisdom, compassion and spiritual powers within the self.

We can read from some websites that the Mantra written on the Wheels is “Om Mani Padme Hum”

The prayer hall

A monk friend


Came to know about Nisargadhama from the Localites of Kushal Nagar. 

The hanging bridge to the Island

It is a small island formed in the river Kavery, around 3 Kms from Kushalnagar. Any solitary traveller can reach there by KSRTC buses. Maintained by the forest department. 

Can enter Nisargadhama through a hanging bridge. boating, elephant riding etc. are available. The best part is walking alone through the island listening to the songs of the nature.

The stream in Nisargadhama

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