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1.  I’m Going to be offered the position of Vice President (HR) immediately after my graduation in HR:
It was very difficult when I realised that getting a good job itself (not to say anything about a good brand) is difficult for many of us.
2. Aah! getting graduated. Now I’m an HR wizard:
Now, after 7 years of practicing, I’m realising that the course was just an orientation. I have to start learning the real HRM in an increased pace. But I’m happy that most of the Doctors, Engineers & Lawyers are like me.
3. What Tier 1 IT Companies do are the innovative HR practices:
Now I can challenge any HR practitioner who can show Companies who practice HR, in its true spirit, ethically in a better manner than leading Public Sector Enterprises like HAL, NTPC etc.?

4. The basic task of any HR guy is to speak:
Communication.. probably yes. But realise, it is only an output. You need to use your grey matter also at times. Analytical skills, computations, keeping your receivers turned ON-to know what is happening in the industry, legislation side etc. At times you need to be silent, need to listen as well (by the way that also is communication)
5. HR Guy should be very cunning:
Yes. Required upto a certain extent. But believe, Honesty is the best policy, especially while dealing with people. Should have an attitude not to exploit the people around. Everyone deserves a life free of exploitation, like you and me. People are not going to believe you if you are ‘extra’ smart and/or self focused.
6. Look at IT Companies and Service Sector; Manufacturing is dirty and from the previous era:

One of the General Managers of a leading IT Company, which came to our college, made a statement like this “Some of my colleagues are sitting on one side of the negotiation tables; fortunately i don’t have their fate”.
From my experience in Hospitality ITES and manufacturing sector and a lot of interactions with my friends in Tier 1 IT companies, I’m convinced that the soul of HR lies in shop floors – like the soul of a sustainable GDP. IR is not a dirty specialization; my skills need be improved.  I can deal with Unions, without shouting back in their language or not addressing the Union leader by ‘Sir”.
7. Profit is what we stand for:
Realise, it is not profit, but legitimate profit, like Tatas say. There is a paradigm built in the concept of Triple Bottom line-People, Planet & Profit. 
The focus on profit alone is costing dearer to many such Companies. Recent corporate scams are examples. So spread the message of the triple bottom line-CSR- in your company. 
8. All latest concepts we study at B Schools are to be implemented:

Application (only) as needed.

9. Your job is getting things done by others:
Not fully correct. If you don’t get things done ‘WITH’ others, these others will eventually prefer a guy, who has a ‘WITH’ attitude

10. Keep mouthful of jargons with you, always:

When Stephen Hawkins wrote “The brief history of time” the publishers requested him not to include formulae or equations, each of which can reduce the sales by say 20%. He included only the inevitable E=MCin the book.
Jargons can potentially keep you away from people; physically and mentally.

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The solutions to most of the social issues, I feel lies in acceptance of the wholesome identity “HUMAN BEING”, not more, not less, by every one in the society.

Dr. Amartya Sen in his book ‘Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny’ discusses limiting of scope of identities to a singular one viz. religion, nationality etc. and its dangerous aftermaths. A person need be viewed and understood only through the prism of his plural identities. 

During one of my recent un-reserved class train journeys from Bangalore to Salem, a 7th standard boy, who and a few members of whose family did not allow other passengers including me to sit in the vacant portion of the seat where they were sitting (later on I chose to sit there amidst their protest), for the sake of talking to somebody in English, started interacting with me.

Boy (First question): What is your religion
I: I don’t follow any religion, why do we require a religion?
Boy: It is important for us to progress in our life…To which god do you pray?
I: I don’t pray
Boy: I can’t believe it. Are you a follower of the Religion ‘R’ (for the time being we’ll call the religion of the Boy as ‘R’ only)? Only an R follower can prosper. You need to pray to our God ‘G’. Otherwise you’ll perish. I’ve got 89% Marks in my exams. I pray to G. I’ll become a Doctor. Tell me what you want to become?
I: I want to become the Prime Minister of India. I never had much problems though I don’t pray.
Boy: If you don’t pray to ‘G’, you won’t become the Prime Minister.
I: Probably, Dr. Manmohan Singh might not be prying to’G’, still he is the Prime Minister.
Conversation got paused for some time. But after half an hour he did not forget to advise me to get converted to his religion.

This conversation is reproduced here as an effort to fathom the depth in which the crisis of Singular identity (courtesy Dr. Sen) got enrooted in the society, and also getting passed on to the new generations. The saddest part is the fanatics prevent the children from having independent thoughts.

Probably the fundamentals of the right-wing extremist who did the carnage at Oslo, Norway, might have built on the same principles; remember, the established religions what they follow can be different – but their principles of extremism/ fanaticism/ violence could be the same.  

It is quite interesting to remember the hues and cries of religious fanatics and their supporters when the leftist Government of Kerala, during 2008, introduced a chapter named “Mathamillaaththa Jeevan” (Jeevan, who has no religion- Jeevan – the name of the boy, whose parents are from different religions – means ‘life’ in Malayalam) in an upper primary class.

The fact we should not forget at this juncture is that a factor such as religion, which does not have any value adding effect in the contemporary society, is occupying the prime spot in the thoughts & discussions of people. The same is becoming the primary factor in differentiating people and societies, and further widening the gaps in between.

For the so called rational being-social being-the human being, is there any rationale to adhere to the unscientific system of virtual ‘taxonomy’ based on religions, which is a system of beliefs which are to be confined within the individuals like their value system. In other words, practically, the religion of each person is to be different, with individual additions, deletions and modifications, even within the established religions, from the priests driven dogmatic principles (the same applicable even for the priests). No one can argue that my belief or adherence to a religion is of the same degree as compared to that of another one as long as they are two individuals. Such differences only are natural, as two individuals cannot be same in all aspects. So the religions of two persons following the same established religion are different. Within the single identity of religions, the religion of each individual only will become significant.

Kerala Sasthra
Sahithya Parishad
Logo-The Golobal
(Learning) Man(?)
Courtesy KSSP 
In an era where the Human Genome Project and further developments in Biology (together with the leap we are witnessing in other areas of Science and its applications) proves that the entire human society is ONE, Biologically, it is sad that a concepts created by Humanbeings – religion, is creating so much divide among us, which the nature never envisaged. Do we dare to think about a society which do not even think about religion? 

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