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It was the turn of the Country Road, it said
“You need to get going, for more learnings”
My solitude was hesitant, it said
“You, the blessed one, our solitudes go nowhere
But reaches everywhere, like how you are.
Give me the feel of all your learnings,
The foot prints of my predecessors, the smell of your dust
The stillness of your emotions, the care of your grasses
The passage to future and the love of the rain”

The road called the rain; it showered,

My solitude lied down in the bosom of the road
The rain said, “my solitude is not mine alone
It always talks to this road, the river, the mountains and the sky
Now with you…;
No ‘you’ alone in solitude, but ‘you’ a part of the solitude of the nature
My water flows into the river, but my solitude floats everywhere
It wears the body of my spirit.
Come with me to the river, the repertoire of Knowledge,
A world in itself, a deep spirit and the tangible tranquility”

My solitude felt that of the river, it said
“Touch my hand for the feel of your father, whose ashes are there in my heart”,
My father said “I’m now contained in this world’s solitude… like my father and his father,
Feel us in the river, rain, country road… or even in your solitude”. 


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A senior executive in a company, who was slightly unhappy with the middle level managers, with an objective to motivate the junior executives, starts with this question in a meeting with them “whom are you working for in this Company? For your Boss?  For your Team?  Or for this Company?” Finally he comes with the obvious answer also…”The Company”   

The senior executive did not give any room for the guys to pause for a moment and think whether they are really working for the Company or working for themselves? Aren’t you courageous enough to accept that you are working basically for you? But my question is whether is it only for you? (isn’t it?)

The topic may not be new. My objective is not propagating the ‘pernicious’ idea of individualism. Just making an attempt to see love, peace, compassion or whatever, holding to this ‘I’ factor but still through a positive angle.

If you view the world from an individual’s point of view, all the happenings are surrounding him; for or against him; he is the centre of the Universe. You and me carry the frames of reference of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity always along with us – it starts raining when I have to dry my cloths or – an already heard example – is the road moving backwards when I walk?  

This is not a wrong way of thinking… but a very interesting way. Survival has been the underlying principle of Darvin’s Evolution, and for which ‘I’ is the basis.

But really is ‘I’ the most important factor in our lives?… we have our parents, children, spouse… or if you are an altruist, an entire world for you to serve upon… we are not living for us alone, practically…, you may argue. But still I want to continue with a strong emphasis on ‘I’, rather, only ‘I’;  I live for me only. My addendum comes here. The significance of ‘I’ varies… depending on how big or small this ‘I’ is.

If you take care of your aged parents, I would argue that one of the factors for you to derive happiness and mental peace is keeping your parents comfortable (A cruel joke? Nope).  If you don’t look after your parents, your conscience will tell you that your action is wrong… then adhering to your moral values, you will start looking after them. Or another way of thinking could be like this: not taking care of them would lead to their mental agony. Once this mental agony gets absorbed into you, you’ll start looking after them… to quench your agony, indirectly alleviating their agony, rationalizing that you did it for them, whereas you actually did it for yourself.

A feeling that certain action or inaction of you result in the unhappiness/ discomfort etc. of your parents or people around, which (the unhappiness of your parents or the people around) in turn results in you being unhappy (as you cannot remain happy if they are unhappy) and as a result you may try to refrain from such an act or omission of the act whichever is causing the unhappiness/ discomfort etc. The total No. of people around you in respect of whom you have to ‘adjust’ your action/ inaction decides the size of your ‘I’.

I feel, a thinking in this direction makes everything inseparable from ‘I’… or rather the otherway round…’I’ shall become a part of everything, depending upon the size of the ‘I’

A statement of a boy in Marquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ if vaguely remembered, goes like this “The entire knowledge of the World was there in the mind”. Coming back to evolution; if we find that the brain is evolved encompassing the learnings of centuries, it would be interesting to imagine that the crux of the entire knowledge gathered by the mankind is stacked somewhere in the brains of you & me and unknowingly it guides you & me each and every moment in our life…  the truth of Universe within you & me… or rather you & I becoming inseparable micro units of this Universe…, You God & I God…, an ‘I’ of infinite size, which no more belongs to you & me…

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